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Custom Sized


A measuring tape is all it takes

We here at Shapeshifters believe firmly in the truth that no body is built the same. That's why, over years of making binders, we've developed our own in-house sizing system that caters to people of all sizes. With just a few easy measurements, we can adjust any binder to each individual customer's needs and preferences. 


Hand Made


Crafted in Vermont

Each and every Shapeshifters garment is hand-made by our team, made up of co-owners Eli and Krista and a pair of part-time sewing assistants in our industrial studio space in scenic Brattleboro, Vermont. By keeping our operation hand-made we can ensure quality, an unlimited size range, and a wide array of individual adjustments and customizations.

Made to Order


No mass production

Because all of our customers have their very own needs and tastes, and because no body is the same, every Shapeshifters binder and sports bra is created special for their individual customer. Each one is a unique garment created to our customers' specifications and no two are alike.


Meet the Shapeshifters

Image: Eli (aka Ark)


(aka Ark)

Image: Krista (aka Poppy)


(aka Poppy)

Shapeshifters started as a single listing on an Etsy store shared by rainbow-flavored couple Eli and Krista with two other roommates in a small apartment off of the J line in Brooklyn. Now it's a full-blown online store with an industrial studio space in Brattleboro, Vermont, with coverage on Buzzfeed and a feature in the local paper, The Commons.

Eli and Krista are the couple behind the scenes, designing and testing product, hand-making and fulfilling all of the orders, maintaining our social media, answering customer questions, vending at local-ish conventions, running giveaways, and doing the thousand other little jobs involved in running a small business.

Eli is a nonbinary Southwestern native with a passion for languages, numbers, and sewing.

Krista is a genderqueer Northeastern native with a passion for theater, details, and organization.

And they're both passionate about bringing everyone safe, effective, comfortable, and fashionable garments that allow everyone, no matter their needs, to express their gender in a way that brings them joy.