Wear & Care

How do I launder my Shapeshifters binder?

Always wash cold, either hand-wash or delicate machine cycle. Hang to dry.

Can I swim in these?


Note that we recommend binders with solid fashion layers; avoid mesh and lace. (Mesh can be transparent; lace can snag on things.)

Like any swimsuit, a binder will last much longer if it is rinsed thoroughly after each swim.

Finally, as with every exercise, your capability to do it while binding depends heavily on your own physical abilities. Listen to your body, take it slow at first. If you have concerns about getting out of breath, we encourage you to select a relaxed fit.

How warm do these get?

Mesh binders and Nude Mesh binders have only binding layers: three in the front, and one in the back. These are light and breezy, easily our most breathable option.

All other binders have a solid color or a print on the outside of the binding mesh. There is still a mesh layer next to your skin that keeps the sweat from sticking close, but they should be washed frequently when it’s hot. Shiny prints like Scales and Sparkles, in general, will be warmer than non-reflective fabrics like Rainbows and Space.

I'd like to give away my binder to someone who needs one.

Cool! That's really awesome of you. We recommend sending a note to Point of Pride or your local LGBT resource group, who would love to get your binder to someone who needs it.