A-Line Binder Dress

A-Line Binder Dress

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We at Shapeshifters are always very excited to offer new and fun ways to perform dramatic kickflips with gender. In that earnest pursuit, we present: the binding dress. A dress that binds the chest.

Your dress can be made with any fabric in the store, any four-way stretch spandex from Spandex House, or any fabric at all from Spoonflower. Or use Spoonflower’s website to design your own print!

To order, just choose your source, fill out the pop-up form with your measurements, and link to your fabric choice in the Order Notes.

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Measurement Guide

Image: Binder Dress Measurement Guide

Binder Dress Measurement Guide

LENGTH -- Lying down if you can, place the end of the tape measure at the top of your shoulder and let it drop down your chest, measure to where the tape reaches your hip line.

BUST -- Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. Inhale.

UNDERBUST -- Slide the tape measure down until it's wrapped around your ribcage, under the fullness of your chest. Inhale.

WAIST -- Slide the tape measure down again, until it's at the narrowest point of your waist. If you want a little midsection compression, suck your tummy in as you measure.

HIPS -- Wrap the tape measure around where you want the binder to end. Do not pull overtight.

SKIRT LENGTH -- Place the end of the tape measure at the point where you measured your length and drop it down your leg, without bending too much, measure to where you want the skirt to end.