In the papers

Physical transformations: Custom body binders help customers shift their shapes - The Commons, August 2017

The Commons is our local independent newspaper, run by amazing people right in our community. They came to interview us when we were still working out of our dining room!

Shapeshifters: Made to fit in Brattleboro (with VIDEO) - The Brattleboro Reformer, December 2018

Contains rare footage of Eli in their natural habitat, wearing a Meet Max bandanna and being a nerd about sewing.


Shapeshifters: Bespoke Binders Put Fun on Your Chest - AutoStraddle, December 2018

“There are so few opportunities to look at your binder maker in the face, and that person is another trans person, and they say yes, we recognize that your body is different than all other bodies and here are the ways we can make accommodations for that. In fact, I would argue that there are so few opportunities that this may be the only one. Or at least, the only one I could’ve stumbled into. It felt so nice to have someone take such care.”

Binding for Plus Size Babes - ComfyFat, September 2018

“My experience with [Shapeshifters] has been incredible! They hand-make every binder and therefore have an unlimited size range. They require a few measurements and truly value bodies for being diverse and unique.”

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In magazines

Shapeshifters – Lifting People Up - Vermont Innovator, Winter 2019 Issue

Bit of a warning for cissexist language in this one. But there’s also this, which made me cry:

“Actress Margaret Rutherford said that, ‘Success is having the hearts of people and lifting them up.” Eli feels that clients come to Shapeshifters “as a last resort – people trust us with their life. [We’re] both passionate about bringing everyone safe, effective, comfortable, and fashionable garments that allow everyone, no matter their needs, to express their gender in a way that brings them joy.’ And in that, Shapeshifters is already a success.”

Solving their own dilemma is helping others - Southern Vermont Living, May 2019