How do I order a binder?

First, pick a style! Are you here for the scales? Do you like outer space? Maybe your Patronus is an animal that sheds its skin and is born anew, for some reason. Or maybe you’re here for a binder that matches your skin tone and looks invisible under a shirt.

Once you’ve chosen, head into that listing, pick out a color or design, and consider length. Your options are Short (12”-16”), Medium (17”-22”), and Long (23”-30”); you will have the chance to specify an inch measurement within these ranges. All lengths are vertical from shoulder to hem, when laid flat. (Look out soon for a blog post detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each option!)

Finally, if you chose Short or Medium, in most listings you have the option to extend the outer layer! This will keep the inner binding mesh at your specified Short or Medium length, and lengthen the outer layer down to a maximum of 30”. Many folks find this a useful way to have a binder that tucks into a waistband, without squeezing the midsection or becoming too hot.

Now it’s time to take your measurements. You’ll find a measurement guide at the bottom of each listing. Take all measurements as directed and note them down somewhere -- you'll need them in a moment! When you have your measurements and have made all your choices for fabric, length, and outer layer, click "Add to Cart." When you hit that button, a form will pop up for you to insert your measurements and further customize your binder.

At this point you can either decide to check out, or you can continue to the Add-ons section! Here you can purchase additional customizations: a zipper, racerback, hood, and/or sleeves.

What kind of free customizations can I get?

Via the measurements form: We are happy to widen or narrow the straps, raise or lower the armholes and neckline, taper in the waist, or provide a relaxed fit. Many customers find the relaxed fit helpful for long days, high activity, swimming, and times of reduced lung capacity.

For folks with a 6” or greater difference between Bust and Underbust measurements, we automatically add a stiff insert (a strong, two-way stretch band of elastic) to the front of the binder. This is excluded for relaxed fits. Upon request, we can exclude this; include it for smaller chest sizes; or widen or narrow the stiff insert by up to 2".

If you're not sure what you need, we recommend you try our standard fit first!

What fabrics are used?

The inner layers are a strong but soft "power net", typically an 85/15 lycra/nylon blend. The outer layer (of a non-mesh garment) is a 70/30 lycra/nylon blend of printed spandex.

What does your fabric feel like?

Pretty slick if it's shiny, pretty soft if it's not. The binding mesh is close-woven, a little less smooth than the outside. Please order samples to find out for sure! We find there's no better way to be 100% certain of texture and color before you place your order.

Will you make something in my size?

Yes. Everything in our store is made-to-measure, with no size limit.

We offer flat pricing across all sizes.

Do you have any discount programs?

Yes. Check out our Clearance section for discounted fabrics and our monthly Giveaways for a chance to win a free binder. We also recommend checking out Point of Pride and your local LGBT resource group; we donate to various groups across the country.

Do you sell strapless binders?

Because we are dedicated to designing and making binders that fit all sizes safely and securely, we do not offer strapless binders.

I have a question you haven't answered here!

Please contact us via our Contact Page!

I sent a message, and you haven't answered!

We strive to respond to all inquiries within 2-3 business days. In order to provide the best quality service possible, we make it a policy to limit our correspondence to the business hours of 9am-6pm EST. If your inquiry was sent outside of these hours, please be assured we will get to it in the order it was received.

Thank you so much for your patience!