Nude Binders (Full Length)

Nude Binders (Full Length)

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"Nude" here denotes a variety of skin tones, coded by tones of wood and illustrated in the reference photographs.

We are always seeking to expand our range in this area! Check back for updates, and please feel free to email us anytime with specific requests.

Individual color descriptions can be found in the Color drop-down menu.

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Measurement Guide

Image: Full Length Measurement Guide

Full Length

LENGTH -- Lying down if possible, place the end of the tape measure at the top of your shoulder and let it drop down your chest. Measure to where the tape reaches your waist line.

BUST -- Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. Inhale.

UNDERBUST -- Slide the tape measure down until it's wrapped around your ribcage, under the fullness of your chest. Inhale.

WAIST -- Slide the tape measure down again, until it's where you want the binder to end. If you want a little midsection compression, suck your tummy in as you measure.