Giveaways 51-55!

     Hello, ‘shifters! It’s springtime at last, and we’ve been busy as Ark’s new bees in the Shapeshifters studio. As the mountains turn green and the pollinators start flying, we invite you to consider new possibilities and brighter futures.

     Winter can’t stay forever, friends. We made it through to spring, so have a May Giveaway.

     Five lucky winners of this giveaway will each receive one $50 Shapeshifters crop top binder! (That’s your choice of these.)

     Thank you always for spreading the word, telling your friends, talking about us, and, of course, for your amazing direct support. We simply could not do this without you.

The fine print:

  • Entries from all countries are welcome.

  • There are three possible ways to enter. Doing any one of the listed actions will get you one entry. You do not have to do all three!
  • The winners will be randomly selected on **May 28, 2018**.
  • One winner each will be selected from Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, and the remaining two winners will be randomly selected from the full pool. We will send emails to notify all five winners!
  • If any winner does not get back to us within three days, a new winner will be selected in their place.

  • Should any winner like to pay the difference, we’re happy to upgrade to any length and add any add-on.

Poppy ES CG