About Us

Founders and co-owners Eli and Krista

Founders and co-owners Eli and Krista


Shapeshifters was born out of founder, co-owner, and head tailor Eli’s need for a binder that worked without hurting their ribs. After trying out different companies, they came to the conclusion that they were between sizes. So in 2013, armed with several FIT courses, a home sewing machine, New York City’s garment district, an affinity for teal mer-scales, and a lot of determination, Eli made the very first custom fashion binder.

Krista, co-owner, office manager, and Eli’s wife, started helping Eli out when they weren’t able to fill orders on their own. Since then she’s driven our size inclusivity policy, developed our unique sports bra design, and engineered an accessible online store through many iterations over the years.

Since 2014 Shapeshifters has led the way for fashionable, size-inclusive, gender affirming clothing. From its start on a shared Etsy store in a living room in Brooklyn, Shapeshifters now has its own dedicated studio in Brattleboro, VT, employs three people, and has customers all over the world. We have been featured in multiple media outlets including Brattleboro’s The Commons, Vermont Innovator Magazine, and online publications including Bustle, Buzzfeed, Autostraddle, ComfyFat, and The Lingerie Addict. We can even be found in fanfic on Archive Of Our Own!

We are dedicated to creating comfy custom garments to fit any need and offer the largest range of nude tones available on the market.

To contact Eli and Krista, please email them info@shapeshifters.co.