• Image of Limited Edition Binders
  • Image of Limited Edition Binders
  • Image of Limited Edition Binders

Act fast! These binders are made from limited runs of fabric: leftovers from Spoonflower orders, clearance fabric bought from the ends of rolls, and various experimental purchases. Once they're out of stock, they're gone.

Now Featured: Schmendrick! A variant on our Sparkle Explosion binders, Schmendrick is a brilliant olive/black glitter combination as green and bright as a wizard's eyes.

One remaining: Katamari Damacy! A bright, candy-colored space print covered in no-shed glitter.

Also, one remaining: Celtic Knots! Gold knotwork on deep brown.

Finally: one Wacky Drip! A tie-dye-on-black pattern full of feathers, butterflies, and technicolor oddities.

We need your measurements! Please add them in the purchase notes to your order. The Measurements Guide will show you how to take them!

And make sure to consider Add-Ons for a personalized binder with a racerback cut, a zipper closure, or many other options.